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If you're trying to follow or take part in the religion-in-schools debate (very active in the Afrikaans press since 20 September 2009) but just don't have a good enough grasp of Afrikaans we suggest you download and read the National Policy on Religion in Education (the top link under our "Skakels" page above this one).

If your public school on public property does not adhere to what is said in there we would certainly like to hear from you. You can send us an email through the form provided on the "Stuur epos" page (under "Interaktief - neem deel") or call us by phone (see "Skakel ons").

You're also welcome to leave comments or post (even in English) through our Forum and "Gasteboek" pages under "Interaktief - neem deel".

Further interaction is encouraged in two groups on Facebook:
1. Vriende van Die Vrese van Ons Vaders" and
2. OGOD (the Organisastion for Religion Education and Democracy).